It all started with him

Him, it's Adrien. When he was little he wanted to become a firefighter. He grew up and finally… oh well yes, he became a firefighter! He was a professional firefighter for 5 years, then he thought he wanted to do something else. So he went back to the school benches. After studying finance, he worked in a big group full of people in suits but he soon realized that was not his thing at all.

So he looked for HIS thing. And for that, he went in search of the Grail, he made equations with 12 unknowns, ran hundreds of kms barefoot in the snow, to finally say to himself one morning "Damn it but it is of course, I going to make socks. No, I'm going to make Josettes. Better still, Josettes who will change the world! "

At this point in history, you must be wondering why this choice and it is quite normal. Socks because everyone wears them (or almost), because they are soft, pretty, comforting. Because it's a detail in an outfit, but a detail that makes the difference. Because you need good socks to go far. And worse, because he likes Adrien socks.

And since when have socks changed the world, you say? Simply since we decided to factor that into the equation. If he became a firefighter, dear Adrien, it is not for nothing. He is one of those who want to save all of humanity. And who thinks that making things happen is not that hard, you just have to want it. So there he goes.

And at each of the stages of creating his socks, he thought in this direction.

  1. The Josettes are woven from Oeko-Tex standard 100 cotton. This certification guarantees that there are no harmful substances in the textile. A guarantee of quality for you but also for all those who work with Josette & Tic (planet included). Certificate n ° 2369CIT.
  2. The Josettes are designed in Saint-Malo. This is the most (re) creative part of the process. And believe that if we are having fun (because we are having fun, it must be said), we are also tearing our hair out! For example, when Dorothée wants a lobster on the Josette, Anne-Gaëlle would prefer a crab. So we procrastinate, we wonder, we eat pancakes and finally… well we let you look on the site to find out who had the last word!
  3. Josettes are produced in Portugal in a small family workshop with which we have been working since our beginnings. They weave our socks with love in the middle and no seams at the toes. This is what makes Josettes so comfortable to wear. So unless you put on weight very quickly and very quickly (or they kick us out), we will continue to work with them because they are super good and at the time when no workshop wanted to start with us in this adventure, they were the only ones to say GO (or rather “Està bem!”). And that, even if today we are bankable * as they say in the cinema, it cannot be forgotten.
  4. The Josettes are brought up with joy and good humor. They live in Brittany, and are sent to our farms in the West and all over the world thanks to our website. Whether in St Malo, Dinard, Rennes or Nantes, a team shot at the glitter, addicted to word games and wacky ideas, is there to advise you and help you find the pair that suits you.
  5. The Josettes send South East Asian children to school (and those, I promise, are happy to go!). Every 10 pairs of Josettes sold, we fund a uniform to enable a child who cannot afford it to go to school through the NGO Enfants du Mékong. When we tell you that the Josettes can go a long way ;)

So here we are, the circle is complete, that's all Josette & Tic! We are not perfect, we never will be, but we will always try because we are sure that together we will change the world. With small steps.

* the bank no longer yells at us every Monday morning (phew)