Josette was founded in Saint-Malo in Adrien's wacky brain on a beautiful sunny but chilly afternoon in September 2011.

His toes (and billions of others, or almost) were quickly warmed by the soft Oeko-Tex cotton, grown and harvested in India. The result is our beautiful, original, friendly, funny, supportive and warm Josettes.

Josettes were first imagined with enthusiasm and joy by the cortexes of our creative team in France, in Saint-Malo, with sea view on the waterfront.

They are then tenderly and seamlessly woven, and afterwards pampered and packed in a family workshop in Portugal very close to France, its baguette and its croissant actually!

They are then made available to their fans by our smiling, funny and benevolent Josette farmers on our Josette farms.

And finally, they spread love all over the world by sponsoring education programmes through recognized NGOs.