The Workshop rules

Competition rules for the Atelier Josette

1 - Legal notices

This site is published by POULET VINAIGRETTE, SARL with capital of 100 euros whose registered office is located at 28 chaussée du Sillon, 35400 SAINT MALO, identified with the RCS of Saint Malo under the siret 79973435500024, intra-community VAT number FR 50 534685482 The site host is OVH, 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France. The Director of publication for this site is Adrien BISCHOFF. All entries in the competition are subject to these rules and the website legal notices.

2 - The endowment

The winners of the competition see their winning Josette made in the limit of six different colors and marketed. The sizes and quantities produced are at the discretion of the company organizing this contest.

In addition, the winners are offered the winning pair of Josette worth 12 euros including tax.

3- The allocation of prizes

The names of the winners will be posted within 7 working days of the end of the contest by mail indicated during registration. The winners will be invited to provide their contact details (surname, first name and postal address), within seven (7) days, by private message to the organizing company. If the winners do not show up at the end of this period, they will be deemed to have forfeited their prize.

The organizer undertakes to send the prizes by regular mail, within one year of the transmission of the winners' contact details (the postmark being taken as proof).

Prizes which may not be delivered for reasons unrelated to the organizing company (incorrect address, no response from the winner, etc.) will be definitively lost and cannot be reassigned.

The winners will not be able to claim to obtain the cash equivalent of the prize won or to request its exchange for other goods or services, for any reason whatsoever. The endowments may also not be distributed to third parties.

In the event of force majeure or if the circumstances so require, the organizing company reserves the right to replace the prizes won by other prizes of equivalent nature and value, without this giving rise to any compensation or indemnity. 'no sort.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for any delay or loss and / or damage caused to the lot during its shipment.

4 - The mechanics of the game.

Each player creates an account on the site to be able to create a Josette and / or vote for the Josette they want to see won.

He then chooses the type of patterns and then the colors to color the Josette on the dedicated space of the site (

The player is kept informed that he must not use more than 6 colors. If he uses more than 6 colors, he is not eliminated, however, in the event of victory, only 6 colors will be retained at the discretion of the company organizing the competition.

La Josette is then named by the player and a description is written.

If the Josette, its name or its description offend the values ​​of the brand by their discriminatory nature (in particular racist, grossophobic, sexist, LGBTQ + phobe ...) or political, or if the organizing company detects an anomaly in the votes, the organizing company reserves the right to eliminate the created Josette.

At the end of the competition (number of remaining days counted on the site, closing at midnight), the Josette having won the most votes from the community of the Josette & Tic brand on the site wins the competition.

In addition, a special Jury Prize can be organized so that the members of the organizing company reward a creative crush.

The prize money is identical for the two winners and described in point n ° 2 of the competition

The number of votes is limited to 5 per person per day.

5 - intellectual property

By participating in the competition, the player agrees that his design may be used unlimitedly for commercial purposes by the brand within the limits of the values ​​described above by the organizing company.

6 - Place of the competition

The game is organized exclusively on the site but the creations can be shared on social networks.

7 - The competition is open to everyone, in all parts of the world accessible by post.

8 - The game is organized without any obligation to purchase.

9 - Litigation and liability

Participation in the game implies unreserved acceptance of the regulations in their entirety. Any inaccurate or false declaration, any fraud will result in the disqualification of the participant.

No telephone or written request will be answered concerning the application of these rules, the mechanisms or the terms of the game, as well as the list of winners.

The company organizing the game reserves the right to continue